Why ProRes?

Why you should use Apple’s very nice mezzanine codec — or not

Iain Anderson

August 10, 2022

I remember seeing QuickTime 1.0 when I was a teenage nerd with a new Mac LC. That first version was simple enough — tiny postage-stamp videos of the birth of a child and the launch of an Apollo rocket could be copied and pasted to create something new. In the era of VHS-to-VHS dubs, this was revelatory. Fast forward a few years to DV, the iMac DV, then HDV, and the last twenty or so years have seen an explosion of codecs, cameras, formats and ever-increasing resolutions. So where does ProRes fit into the story, and what’s its place in today’s video world? With the help of Steve Bayes, Product Manager of ProRes at its launch and for a decade afterwards, let’s dig into it.

History of ProRes and other codecs
Making basic DV and HDV edits was not too stressful for the Macs of the early 2000s, but if you wanted to create fancy effects or get into color correction, you might start to..

IFH 605: Vampires, Stunts, Bloodsuckers & Netflix with JJ “Loco” Perry

JJ “Loco” Perry spent the last 25 years as a Stunt Coordinator and Second Unit Director, directing and designing action for talent such as Dwayne Johnson, Tom Hardy, Jason Statham, Keanu Reeves and Will Smith. A member of the prestigious 87Eleven Action Design, Perry previously collaborated with directors such as Ang Lee, Justin Lin, Chad Stahelski, F. Gary Gray, Spike Lee and Paul Feig – which prepared him for his feature directorial debut on DAY SHIFT.

Perry has trained additional actors for stunts such as Gina Carano (HAYWIRE), Gerard Butler (300), Milla Jovovich (ULTRAVIOLET), Hugh Jackman (X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE) and Kiefer Sutherland (“24”). He’s also worked with Joss Whedon on ANGEL and FIREFLY and Mike Norris on WALKER, TEXAS RANGER.

Perry was nominated for a SAG Award in 2009 for Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble for IRON MAN and nominated for a World Stunt Award in 2013 for SAFE and won in 2004 for Best Overall Stunt in THE RUNDOWN.

After graduating high school..

Matt Reeves’ Short Film: Mr. Petrified Forrest

A passport photographer named Steven Forrest (Sam Clay) is petrified of death following the sudden demise of his fearless buddy in a martini accident.

Download Matt Reeves’ Screenplay Collection in PDF

Want to watch more short films by legendary filmmakers?

Our collection has short films by Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, the Coen Brothers, Chris Nolan, Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg & more.

Watch More Short Films Here

Review: A look at the Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini

Blackmagic Design expands collaborative editing in a package small enough to toss into a backpack.

Oliver Peters

August 8, 2022

Blackmagic Design is striving to democratize shared storage and edit collaboration with the introduction of the Blackmagic Cloud and the Blackmagic Cloud storage product line, including the Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini. Let’s focus on storage first, which in spite of the name is very much earthbound.

Blackmagic Design’s cloud storage product line-up
Blackmagic Design’s cloud storage product line
Blackmagic Cloud Store (starting at $9,595 USD) sits at the top end. This is a desktop network-attached storage system engineered into the same chassis design that was developed for Blackmagic’s eGPUs. It features two redundant power supplies and an M.2 NVMe SSD drive array, which is configured as RAID-5 for data protection in case of drive failure. Cloud Store integrates an internal 10G Ethernet switch for up to four users connected at 10Gbps speeds. It also suppo..

The Art of the Title Sequence: Stranger Things

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s breakout smash Stranger Things you are missing out. Being a huge fan of the show I noticed the amazing opening title sequence that takes you back to the glorious ’80s. Then I began to think about the importance of typography and design in creating a feeling in film. The remarkable title sequence was created by legendary title house Imaginary Forces.

Title sequences should be used to create mood, tone, tell a story, and of course list the credits. Take a look at this amazing mini-doc by VOX on the opening title sequence of Stranger Things.

The Stranger Things logo probably looks strangely (no pun intended) familiar, returning you back to a time when Stephen King reigned supreme. The show’s creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, said that they were directly influenced by King in the creation of the show’s logo, having sent tons copies of Stephen King’s novels to Imaginary Forces.

The Font
The font used in the creation of the title sequence is ITC Benguiat, and i..

Clipchamp in-browser video creation platform has new price plans

Acquired by Microsoft in September 2021, Clipchamp is an in-browser video creation platform with a goal: empowering anyone to tell stories through video. Now the process is even more affordable.

Jose Antunes

August 7, 2022

Online video editor Clipchamp has a new, more affordable, Essentials plan, perfect for everyday editors looking to enhance their videos, either on desktop or using an iOS mobile device.

Although video remains essentially a professional and creative domain where stories with impact often touch four or more tools before they are ready for viewers, a new generation of creators using video want something easier to use. That’s where Clipchamp enters, as an in-browser video creation platform, targeting, as Alexander Dreiling, CEO and co-founder of Clipchamp, says “non-professionals and non-creatives, or simply, the other 98% of us. Our mission is to empower anyone to tell stories worth sharing and millions of people around the world are using Clipchamp to create video..

Ultimate Guide To James Gray And His Directing Techniques


Outside of independent film circles, director James Gray isn’t well-known. His filmography mostly flies under the radar of the larger moviegoing public, but what little output he does have is almost always well-received by critics. As a storyteller, Gray specializes in stark chamber dramas with Shakespearean levels of familial conflict– not exactly fodder for the 3D blockbuster set. However, give the man a little bit of your time, and you too will realize that Gray’s uncompromising vision is poised to one day deliver him into the pantheon of great American directors.

I feel a deep kinship with Gray in that we both are largely influenced by cinema of the 1970’s– that bastion of compelling drama and character-driven storytelling. When I envision myself making a drama, it usually looks a lot Gray’s austere work. Naturally, I respond to the man’s films on an aspirational and intangibly visceral level.

Gray hails from The Bronx, and the subject matter of his films ha..

TAMRON Lens Utility Mobile: smartphone app to make video easier

After developing a Lens Utility for PC, Tamron has now announced development of a version for Android smartphones, so you can control functions of compatible lenses while in the field.

Jose Antunes

August 4, 2022

Although the upcoming TAMRON Lens Utility Mobile is designed with photography and video in mind, Tamron believes the expansion of functions in the future will make it easier to try video production.

Shifting focus at a preset speed between subjects is something video users know well and is used to get exactly the kind of visual expression you want, for example, by slowly shifting the focus from a distant subject to one closer to you, or by guiding the gaze of the person viewing the video. On compatible Tamron lenses, it is possible to use the Focus Set Button to record two preset focal points in advance, using TAMRON’s Lens Utility, a PC software – for Windows and Mac – that allows this and other functions to be controlled externally.

Only available for Android OS

IFH 604: How to Write a Screenplay Super Fast! with Jeff Bollow

Have you ever wanted to learn how to write a screenplay fast? I know I do. This is why I invited on the show award-winning producer/director, best-selling author, film festival organizer and public speaker, Jeff Bollow.

He is the author of Writing FAST: How to Write Anything with Lightning Speed. Jeff Bollow began as an actor at age 12 in his native Los Angeles (credits include Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead and TV’s Columbo) before working nearly every job in production, from camera to sound to lighting — and including jobs in development, post-production, and distribution.

Jeff has worked on feature films, TV series, commercials, music videos, radio, and corporate productions for companies such as Universal, Castle Rock, Propaganda Films, DNA and the Oxygen Network.

After migrating to New Zealand, where he directed television for TV3 and co-founded the Big Mountain Short Film Festival, he moved to Australia, where he launched Embryo Films. Through his company, Jeff has revie..

Wild Capture to show Digital Humans technology at SIGGRAPH 2022

Wild Capture will showcase Digital Human Volumetric Video Solutions at SIGGRAPH 2022 and discuss how volumetric video can be used in impactful ways that yield outstanding results.

Jose Antunes

August 4, 2022

During SIGGRAPH 2022 Wild Capture will show how using volumetric video and Wild Capture’s technology Houdini users can create lifelike digital humans that cross the ‘uncanny valley.’

A volumetric technology platform and creative services studio for the creation of digital humans, Wild Capture will be at SIGGRAPH 2022 “the premiere conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques”, to Showcase Digital Human Volumetric Video Solutions, in collaboration with SideFX and Dimenco.

Earlier this year, Wild Capture introduced the ‘Digital Human Platform’, its own solution to develop volumetric technologies and offer turnkey production services for creating digital humans, volumetric crowds and CG fashion for media production, gaming, and web-based deliveries.