IFH 503: From The Purge to This is the Night with James DeMonaco

From The Purge to This is the Night with James DeMonaco
The Purge franchise is one of the most iconic dystopian action horror series of all time and the man behind it, James DeMonaco is not stopping anytime soon.

Jame is our guest today and even though we talk a great deal about the various Purge films he’s either written or directed, which are all fan favorites, we start off with his most recently released film, This Is The Night, that was digitally released on September 21, 2021, after a prior theater release on Sep 17, 2021.

This Is The Night, drama stars Frank Grillo, Lucius Hoyos, Jonah Hauer-King, Bobby Cannavale, and Naomi Watts. It is set in the summer of 1982 Staten Island with the release of Rocky III as its backdrop.

The story tells of an average teen who embarks on a quest in his Rocky Balboa-obsessed town that swirls in his family members. Watts and Grillo will play with his parents. His family must confront its greatest challenges and the family realizes that the o..

Adventurer and filmmaker Renan Ozturk on why he uses Teradek

The best test to equipment is the one that results from real-world usage, and here is a new story about how a filmmaker takes his gear through rain, salt water and sand, all harsh conditions for gear.

Jose Antunes

September 24, 2021

Taking tools built for Hollywood sets and using them in harsh outdoor environments is normal practice for adventure filmmaker Renan Ozturk. Here is a story how he used Teradek RT for a shoot in Costa Rica.

Renan Ozturk photo by Clayton Boyd
Some of the world’s most spectacular views are best seen from halfway up a wall of rock, says adventurer and filmmaker Renan Ozturk, adding that “that’s a place where gear has to be reliable, whether it’s crucial safety equipment or the cameras that let the rest of us experience the same dizzying panorama.” This is the type of situation that alpinist Renan Ozturk is familiar with, as his experience includes some of the steepest climbing challenges on the planet as well as documentary filmmaking and photojournalism c..

COVID-Compliant Crowd Scenes on a Budget using Anima

Use Anima by AXYZ Design to add digital extras to your scene

Damian Allen

September 23, 2021

Not only are extras expensive, but in the age of COVID orchestrating larger crowd shots becomes a logistical nightmare. On-set production assistants need to remove masks between takes, keep track of which mask belongs to which extra, and return them whenever there’s a break in shooting. It’s no wonder that people have started looking to digital crowd agents, even for modest budgets.

In the past, the cost of crowd simulation VFX made it impractical for anything short of a blockbuster like Lord of the Rings. But now there are affordable ways to create digital actors for even lean indie productions. The secret is managing expectations as to what your digital people can get up to and still look believable. Cheering in a stadium, running, walking, yes. Kung Fu action in close combat? Not so much.

By far the easiest and most affordable entry into crowd simulation is Anima by AXYZ Design. They o..

Unlock the hidden 25p mode in your current iPhone’s camera app

You no longer need a professional app like FiLMiC Pro to shoot 25p with your iPhone.

Allan Tépper

September 23, 2021

Since my first article in ProVideo Coalition magazine in 2008, the elusive 25p (aka 25 fps) framerate has been a recurring theme for different reasons. One of the most recent one was when we became aware that the teleconferencing giant was exclusively using the 25p rate for connected cameras (link ahead to my best practices article). Up until very recently, people who lived in an ex-NTSC country and wanted the 25p (or 50p) option needed to be sure to acquire a “worldcam” camera since segregated cameras intentionally make 25p (and 50p) unavailable in these areas. Up until now, if you ever wanted to shoot 25p with an iPhone, regardless of where it was purchased (including PAL or ex-PAL territories), you had to purchase a pro app for the iPhone (i.e. FilMiC Pro) to access this and other exotic framerates. However, starting with iOS version 14.3, there has been a..

Lowel EGO LED light: a desk light for video and photography

It can be a a stylish desk light but it is also a lighting tool with professional output that can be used f when you need a LED panel for moving or still content. Meet the Lowel EGO LED light!

Jose Antunes

September 23, 2021

Complete with US, UK, and EU power cords, the Lowel EGO LED light comes with a color temperature range of 2700-6300°K and 95 TLCI to provide pleasing lighting for a variety of situations.

As working from home is now the routine for many, the search for lighting solutions continues, and the Lowel EGO LED is a new solution you may want to check. This is, according to TIFFEN, that sells Lowel lighting solutions, “the first production light attractive enough to hide in plain sight”, as it looks like a stylish desk light you can use at home. But the Lowel EGO LED is also a a beauty light that makes your images look attractive, creating a beautiful, diffused soft light that hides blemishes and imperfections to make everything look better.

The Lowel EGO LED is a lig..

New Xiaomi Pad 5: Xiaomi returns with a budget Android tablet

Tablets can be an excellent choice for video and photo editing if portability is a key factor, and the new Xiaomi Pad 5 is an option to consider if you need a powerful yet affordable Android tablet.

Jose Antunes

September 23, 2021

With a launch price of $351 the new Xiaomi Pad 5 tablet marks the return of the Chinese brand to the market, with a budget priced solution that may compete with Samsung and Apple tablets.

Although North American consumers are not familiar with Xiaomi tablets, Europeans do know the brand for its smartphones, and are now offered a new tablet, the Xiaomi Pad 5, which breaks a three-year period of silence from the Chinese manufacturer regarding tablets. The new Xiaomi Pad 5 was first announced in China last August, and is now available in Europe for €399, which translates to $467.

While the price is good for a tablet that aims to compete with Apple and Samsung offers in this segment, the Xiaomi Pad 5 model, with 6GB and 128GB, was introduced in some countri..

Art of the Frame Podcast w/ “Monsters of Man” Writer, Director & DP Mark Toia

Join guest hosts Matt Jeppsen and Dean Friske as they talk with “Monsters of Man” writer, director and DP Mark Toia


September 22, 2021

The Art of the Frame Podcast brings in-depth conversations with the top creators of your favorite films and shows into your car, living room and beyond. In each episode, we talk with creators ranging from emerging stars to Oscar and Emmy winners. Hear from the top editors, cinematographers, directors and more about their careers and about their work on some of the biggest films and TV shows of the year.

On this special episode of the Art of the Frame Podcast, guest hosts Matt Jeppsen and Dean Friske talk with “Monsters of Man” writer, director and DP Mark Toia. Available on Amazon Prime, “Monsters of Man” debuted in late 2020 and has since risen to one of the top 10 action films on Amazon. In the episode, Matt and Dean talk with Mark about how he created the slick sci-fi thriller, and the challenges in self-financing and self-distributing..

Sony: AI-assisted music production with Flow Machines Mobile

Flow Machines Mobile is a new mobile application for iOS, a cloud-based AI music production tool compatible with a wide range of DAW plugins. Sony has an online event to reveal how it works.

Jose Antunes

September 22, 2021

A four-day online event, “UNLOCK with Sony” features a panel of creators and a feedback session from a professional music producer for the music created by the entrants using Flow Machines.

Earlier this September, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. announced the launch of an AI-assisted music production app, Flow Machines Mobile (FM Mobile) in Japan and the United States. FM Mobile, the new mobile application for iOS, is a cloud-based AI music production tool compatible with a wide range of DAW plugins.

The free app, available for iPad, let’s users try AI assisted compose using Flow Machines Mobile. Flow Machines is, Sony says, “a research and development and social implementation project that aims to expand the creativity of creators in music. Flow Machi..

A cheat’s manifesto part 4: All that glitters is good

Cinematography is hard. Let’s cheat.

Phil Rhodes

September 22, 2021

There’s talent back there somewhere behind all that glitter. From the video to Jasmine Thompson’s track Adore.
Having now spent well over a century trying to improve the performance of photo gear, it seems strangely appropriate that we now seem equally dedicated to creatively messing it up again. There are many ways to do that, although the approach people most like to discuss over brandy and cigars involves lenses worth more than your organs which are creative in very specific ways.

Those are expensive, though, and if it’s expensive, it isn’t cheating

Improvising glitter
It’s a field that’s ripe for improvisation. There are optical filters out there which have bits of wildflower seed in them, some which seem to be a piece of metal with an elliptical hole, and even pieces of lead crystal on a stick, designed to scatter glints into the lens and perhaps excite a flare-provoking filter. In 2021 we can get away with ..

Future Moments: three audio production apps for Mac OS

Future Moments announced they have extended three more of their signature mobile audio production apps for content creators to the Mac OS desktop.

Jose Antunes

September 21, 2021

MicSwap Multitrack, AudioMaster and VideoVerb Pro for iOS are now also available to Mac OS users, extending to the desktop apps that were only used with mobile devices like iPhones and iPads.

A team of musicians, engineers and content creators with a passion for bringing high fidelity mobile audio production tools to content creators, Future Moments is now givings users of its apps the option to extend their workflow from their mobile devices to their Mac desktops, with the introduction of MacOs versions of its mobile audio production apps MicSwap Multitrack, AudioMaster and VideoVerb Pro.

The company truly believes that all content deserves flawless audio, and that filmmakers, YouTubers, musicians, podcasters – everyone working with audio and video – should be able to access the finest audio tools, quit..