Edit BRAW files in Final Cut Pro with BRAW Toolbox

The BRAW Toolbox adds native BRAW files to Final Cut Pro and its developer answers our questions about the development, raw files and building a Mac App

Scott Simmons

January 27, 2023

If you’ve ever wanted to edit your BRAW camera original files (that’s Blackmagic RAW) in Final Cut Pro then BRAW Toolbox is for you. While editing a popular camera format in your non-linear editing application of choice might seem like a simple operation, not all NLEs will edit all camera formats. The codec wars aren’t anything new and they extend beyond how best to stream movies to your tv and have for years been a thing we wrestled with in video editing and post-production.

One of those topics of contention has been how to edit raw files from popular Blackmagic cameras in Final Cut Pro. BRAW is Blackmagic’s raw camera format and native support has never been added in Final Cut Pro. There has always been the transcode option using something like Color Finale® Transcoder or even Blackmagic’s own Reso..

Nanlite updates PavoTube and Forza lighting systems

Nanlite listened to feedback from commercial production teams, film crews and photographers all around the globe and the results are in: several upgrades to their most popular products.

Jose Antunes

January 27, 2023

Whether you need LED tubes like the PavoTube II 15C/30C or the absolute power of the Forza 300B/500B II series, Nanlite offers you the latest technology in lighting solutions for studio and location.

Nanlite started the year revealing the company’s updated lighting systems, with the introduction of updates to its most popular lines, PavoTube and Forza. The updates represent what the company does best: listening to the valuable feedback from its enthusiastic community of users and combining that insight with Nanlite’s latest innovations in LED technology.

The presentation available online, which is an entertaining way to discover what the different lighting solutions can do, is something to watch if you can spare some 30 minutes, but for those who want to read the key ..

RØDE launches major palindromic firmware update to RØDECaster Pro II mixer-recorder

The free palindromic version 1.1.1 supercharges the RØDECaster Pro II with major feature updates, including custom submixes for each output.

Allan Tépper

January 27, 2023

RØDE has just announced a major firmware palindromic update for the RØDECaster Pro II featuring advanced sub-mixing functionality. With palindromic version 1.1.1, the RØDECaster Pro II is now supercharged to support advanced sub-mixing for all outputs, giving live broadcasters, streamers and content creators even more flexibility over their audio. Since its launch, the RØDECaster Pro II has seen multiple updates based on user feedback, introducing new features, functionality and interface enhancements. The prior major (non-palindromic) update, version 1.0.7, added advanced routing capabilities for the RØDECaster Pro II’s USB outputs for easier integration into streaming setups. The new palindromic 1.1.1 update takes this functionality to the next level, allowing users to independently adjust the level of every aud..

Canon CR-N700 4K PTZ camera to get new paid features

Canon CR-N700 4K PTZ Camera will receive a firmware update that will enable the addition of paid add-on applications beginning with Auto Tracking and Auto Loop.

Jose Antunes

January 26, 2023

Thanks to Canon’s new Add-On Applications System, customers can now directly add new capabilities to the Canon PTZ camera, providing a better value for end-users.

The now announced and upcoming “Add-On Applications System” for Canon’s PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) remote cameras will provide access to add new paid video production features, beginning with auto tracking and auto loop applications for the company’s flagship 4K PTZ camera, the CR-N700.

According to the company, the auto tracking application will give the CR-N700 the ability to automatically pan, tilt, and zoom to track moving subjects, and the auto loop application will allow users to program and automate repeated camera movements. The Add-on Applications System will be available to be added to the CR-N700 via a future firmware update. Go..

IFH 654: The Neuroscience Behind Profitable Screenwriting & Filmmaking with Paul Gulino

Today’s guest is screenwriter Paul Gulino. Paul is the author of The Science of Screenwriting: The Neuroscience Behind Storytelling Strategies.

Paul believes in Hitchcock’s adage that “films are made on paper.” Although students may obsess about a film’s look, all of the visual elements, he says, function to enhance the story. And that, ultimately, comes from the mind of the screenwriter.

In spite of the fact that there seems to be a screenwriter behind every corner (in California, at least), screenwriting is something of a lost art, Gulino maintains, having seen hundreds of flat screenplays as a story analyst for Showtime Entertainment.

Honing his own skills through writing for the theater and practicing the craft as taught by Frank Daniel and Milos Forman, Gulino secured an agent with William Morris on the basis of his thesis script. With that “real world” confirmation in hand, Gulino went on to write and see produced features, plays and comedy sketches.

Screenwriting, he says, i..

NVIDIA RTX 40 series and Corsair’s missing cable

The new NVIDIA 40-Series graphics cards bring a lot of power to computer graphics, but also require powerful PSUs and special 12+4-pin cables that have caused some headaches to users and NVIDIA.

Jose Antunes

January 25, 2023

Corsair announced in September a new 12+4 pin 12VHPWR power connector that should make connecting a PSU to a RTX 40 series card easy. The problem is to find the cable, which is “out of stock”.

The stories about power cables burning with the NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics cards made September and October “hot” months online, with people claiming NVIDIA was responsible, to which the company replied, in November, this: “Our findings to date suggest that a common issue is that connectors are not fully plugged into the graphics card. To help ensure the connector is secure we recommend plugging the power dongle into the graphics card first to ensure it’s firmly and evenly plugged in, before plugging the graphics card into the motherboard.”

With so many news going round o..

More than 60 Sundance Film Festival projects used Blackmagic

It’s a numbers competition again, as the 2023 Sundance Film Festival gets to be news. Companies show how many films used their solutions. Here are the numbers from Blackmagic Design.

Jose Antunes

January 25, 2023

Blackmagic Design announced that more than 60 projects at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival used its products, from digital film cameras to software as part of their workflows.

It’s no surprise that DaVinci Resolve Studio is one of the most popular software solutions when it comes to editiing movies, so Blackmagic Design puts its NLE on top of the list of products used to create more than 60 projects at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. Editing, grading, visual effects (VFX) and audio post production software and Blackmagic Cloud are all part of the workflows revealed by the people behind the movies. And as expected, Blackmagic Design digital film cameras were also used to create some of the 60 projects at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival.

“Using Blackmagic Cloud has made ma..

CoreWeave enhances its solutions for VFX Studios

CoreWeave announced its acquisition of Conductor Technologies, developer of the Conductor cloud-based task management service that simplifies access to cloud resources at scale.

Jose Antunes

January 25, 2023

CoreWeave builds cloud solutions for compute intensive use cases as VFX and rendering that are up to 35 times faster and 80% less expensive than the generalized public clouds. Now it offers more capabilities.

A specialized cloud provider built for large-scale GPU-accelerated workloads, CoreWeave delivers a massive scale of GPU compute resources on top of the industry’s fastest and most flexible infrastructure. Now the company announced it has acquired Conductor Technologies, developer of the Conductor cloud-based task management service that simplifies access to cloud resources at scale, an acquisition that empowers the M&E industry with access to the industry’s fastest and most flexible cloud infrastructure with easy to use, intuitive workflows for rendering at scale.


Review: Amazon Video Direct/Amazon Prime distribution for indies

Amazon Video Direct is great for indies to distribute, as long as we understand the many details.

Allan Tépper

January 24, 2023

In 2016, I published an article called Amazon’s new Video Direct allows indie access to sell & rent content via Amazon Prime. For those unfamiliar, Amazon Video Direct allows independent video producers to upload and earn royalties for sales or rentals via Amazon Prime. That first article is a prerequisite for this one, since I have now had the experience of actually publishing all of the required assets and have had a TV series approved for a client. In this article, I will not repeat all of the technical requirements. I will simply emphasize some of them and clarify some things that were surprising during the process of uploading them to be accepted (or not), where the resulting approved videos will be available (and where not).

Prior article
Here is a link to my original article for the technical specs for the video files, required closed captions file..

Alteon Accelerator: desktop content creation at high-speed has announced the launch of Alteon Accelerator, a new desktop application that maximizes media upload speeds for content creators.

Jose Antunes

January 24, 2023

Want to deliver files up to 5TB in size to the cloud up to 5TB 100% faster than TCP? Then Alteon Accelerator, powered by IBM Aspera, is the solution.

Historically, internet upload speeds have been significantly slower than download speeds, making it a time-consuming process for creatives to transfer, share, or store large media files in the cloud. The pandemic has changed how users – professionals included – look at the Internet and made companies search for ways to provide for faster ways to transfer data, as remote working became the norm, and even filmmaking relied on the Internet.

Alteon Accelerator contributes to the changes we are experiencing in a huge way, by unlocking users’ maximum internet potential, delivering files up to 5TB in size to the cloud significantly faster than traditional upload methods. ..