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Online Movies Free To Download

On this site, we will show you how to find online movies free to download, how to do it safely, and what to look for.

Most of us have either had or do have cable TV, but there is (especially now days) movies being sold for 15 to 20 US dollars per movie in addition to the cable bill. This has many searching online for online movies free to download.

So what’s involved in downloading a online movies free to download?

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Downloading a movie online can have some serious side effects, such as, a virus from the file, or the cable company emailing or calling you about your IP address being reported for downloading movies, music, or applications. A cable company can shut down your service for downloading movies, SO PAY ATTENTION…WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET AROUND THAT OBSTACLE.

My fight with the cable company…

When I first moved to the west coast of the US, I was no stranger to downloading files from the internet, however… it seemed the cable company now had become very strict, and we could ONLY afford the internet, nothing else. My girlfriend and I still enjoyed watching movies but anything I tried to download we got an email for. Within the first week, the cable company called us, and told us they would be forced to cancel our service if they received one more report.

My girlfriend really gave it to me for downloading movies, but we had nothing to watch but old DVDs…still cool but… we had seen them 100x.

When I spoke with the cable company they told us they were getting reports from our IP address and that is how they knew it was us.



Picture of a VPN Structure

A VPN stands for virtual private network. What this does is it’s a service that lets you join a specific network connected to multiple IP addresses.

By Wikipedia its definition is, A virtual private network extends a private network across a public network and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

What I found out has changed the way I do everything on the computer.

Is a VPN service expensive?

I was worried about that also, but it’s surprisingly inexpensive. Most VPNs run for 10 to 15 USD per month. I’m able to use it on my phone, computer, and smart tv, for one low cost. And when you add up all the free movies, shows, and music you can get for that cost… it’s a very low price to pay.

Also I use my VPNs everywhere I travel now, it’s always on my phone or laptop, protecting me from hackers trying to steal my bank account info, etc.

How do I find a reliable VPN service?

How to choose a VPN image

Below I’ll give you my #1 option and what I’ve personally used with outstanding success.

Pure VPN – See Special Deal Here  

Picture of how Online Movies Free To Download and using a VPN works

How do you use a VPN?

VPN is software that you can easily download and install from a verified vendor and use that software to connect to their servers.

After launching the small program, you can specify where you’d like to connect.

Most reliable VPN services will allow you to connect to a large variety of countries and will give you that option inside of the software.

Just install, activate the license, and connect to the country or state you’d like to connect to.

Picture of someone using a vpn service from a laptop

Will the cable company know I’m using a VPN?

People use VPNs to connect to work from home (or at the office), and for protection from hackers so… no… the cable company cannot and will not give you any issues for using a VPN.

When you connect to the VPN, your IP address will change, and the cable company will not be able to see your online activity.

OK so now I know that I need a VPN.. Where do I find Online Movies Free to Download?

Torrent downloading Online Movies Free To Download

This part can be tricky, so again I’ll give you my favorite places to go and what to look for when finding online movies free to download.

Just because you now have a VPN doesn’t mean you won’t get a virus, so you need to be very careful when finding movies to download.

What you want to find is a torrent or torrent sites.

Online Movies Free To Download

What are your favorite torrent sites?

Here are my favorite torrent sites, from my very favorite, to ones I use when I can’t find it anywhere else,  then I’ll go through the process and what other software you need.

  1. The Pirate Bay – My Personal Favorite and best overall
    When I can’t find what I’m looking for here I go to these places next.
  2. YTS – Great for older movies and harder to find classics
  3. EZTV- Great for finding TV Shows
  4. RARBG-Large variety of old and new content
  5. Idope– A newer site / tribute to the old Kickass Torrents site
  6. LimeTorrents– A great alternative to Kickass Torrents
  7. Extra Torrent– Massive collection of Movies, TV Shows, Games, and Music

The Pirate Bay is still my very favorite site, but when I can’t find what I’m looking for there, I’ll check these other sites as well.

How do I download from the torrent sites?

First I’ll walk you through finding a movie on The Pirate Bay.
Here is the home page of the site

The Pirate Bay. The best place to find Online Movies Free To Download

You can search just movies, just music, just applications, or you can search all. When searching for movies I usually just search all.

When you find the file you’d like to download, click on GET THIS TORRENT

This will launch your download software. I will give you that software below.

What Free Software do I need to download the torrent file?

Picture of Deluge logo

My free software of choice is Deluge.

You can search for this or go to the link HERE –

Simply Download, install, and run.
When you have this software installed on your computer, most times the program will launch itself.

See example below.

What Free player do you recommend to play the movie file on my computer?

GOM player logo

If you would like to play your downloaded movies on a laptop or computer, I highly recommend GOM player. It’s FREE and plays a large assortment of movie files.

You can download the GOM Player HERE for FREE

How do I play the movie on my TV?

Watching Online Movies Free To Download on TV

Basically you can just drag any movie from your computer to a USB drive and use the USB port on your TV, or DVD player that has a USB, or a Kodi Box etc.

Basically anything that has a USB drive option.

Some TVs or DVD players may have trouble playing the movie format (I’ll explain how to fix this in a moment)

If you are running into this issue, try to make sure you are only downloading AVI or MP4 files.

Image of connecting laptop to TV

If not, you can always play the file from a laptop using GOM player and run a HDMI cable to your TV and watch that way.

OR you can reformat your downloaded file to an MP4 or AVI.

I’ll show you this below…

Online Movies Free To Download Bonus

How to convert movies after download

OK so now you have a file downloaded, and you don’t have any other option to download an AVI or MP4 version of the movie.  (This usually isn’t an issue, and you won’t need this for most downloads, I’m just adding this as a bonus)

This is how you convert the file to a useable and playable AVI or MP4.

My favorite converting software is iSkysoft iMedia Converter Deluxe

Here is a link to their site.

First open the software and select Add Files

iMedia Converter Deluxe interface picture

You can also drag the file into the main window as shown below.
This example is an AVI file, and shouldn’t need to be converted, but just for the sake of this example I’ll show you how to convert it to MP4 if needed for some reason.

Now you will have both files. One AVI and one MP4.

You can also use the software to make the files size smaller if needed etc.

Online Movies Free to Download Wrap Up

Laptop picture

So that’s really all there is to it, pretty simple right?

  1. Install a VPN
  2. Search for your favorite movies on the listed torrent sites
  3. Download using Deluge
  4. Watch your favorite Movie or TV show
  5. Enjoy